Friday, November 4, 2011

Egg Fried Rice

Biryani Rice - 1 kg
Green peas - ½ Kg
Carrot - ½ Kg
Onion - ½ Kg
Beans - ½ Kg
Tomato - ½ Kg
Dalda - ½ Kg
Potato – ¼ Kg
Egg - 4 No:
Capsicum - 100 Gram
Celery - 20 Gram
Soya Sauce - ½ Tea Spoon
Chili Sauce - ½ Tea Spoon
Cinnamon -100 Gram
Clove -100 Gram
Cardamom -100 Gram
Pepper Powder -100 Gram
Salt - As Required

            Beat the Egg and pour it to a heated non stick pan. Cook the eggs, stirring continuously, until they are lightly scrambled. Boil the rice in water with salt. Drain the excess water and cool it completely. Heat the dalda in a pan. Sauté the vegetables, with onion, masala powder (Which is a combination of cinnamon, clove, cardamom, pepper powder)and green peas(half boiled and drained). To this add rice, scrambled eggs, soya sauce, chili sauce and mix it well. Sprinkle it with fried onions. Egg fried rice is ready to serve