Friday, April 1, 2011

Peppy Noodles

To make a delicious Peppy noodles (As I call it) the ingredient are:-


Noodles- 2 mini pack
Beans- 5-6
Onion- 2
Carrot- 2
Tomato Ketchup- 2-3 Table Spoons
Pepper- 3 spoons
Chili Powder- 2 table spoons
Turmeric powder- 1 table spoons
Oil- 3 table spoons

Break the Noodles pack and break them in to small pieces and pour 4 cups of water to it and boil them by putting 1 table spoon of chili powder and turmeric powder. Drain the above when the noodles have been boiled.
Place wok in which Oil is heated. Once the oil heated we put 2 table spoons of pepper, nicely grated onions, carrot and beans and then sauté. Now add 2-3 Table spoon of ketchup mix it well and then add 1 cup of water and drained noodles to this. Mix them well and add the Taste Maker too with 1 table spoon of chili powder and pepper powder. Dry the water out and the delicious food is ready to serve.
 Garnish with tomato and Serve…!!!

Garlic Manchurian

To make a delicious Garlic Manchurian the ingredient are:-

Garlic- 20 clove
Cauliflower- 250 gm
Chili Powder- 1 Table spoon
Tomato Ketchup- As required
Corn Flower- 1 Tee-spoon
Color (RED)- 1-2 Pinch
Onion- 1

Placing cauliflower in a vessel add a pinch of salt and boil it. Slice the garlic and onion to small pieces and sauté them till they are Brown in color. Add the Chilly powder and Boiled cauliflower to this. Mix the color (RED) with Corn flower in a half glass of water. Add this mixture to the above. Now mix the mixture well and add Tomato Ketchup and wit for 2 min.
Garnish the Above mixture with Coriander Leaves and the Delicious GARLIC MANCHURIAN is ready to serve..

"Do try this and and do respond."