Monday, October 31, 2011

Chinese Chicken Roll

Chicken – 1 Kg (Boneless)
Maida – 2 Kg
Onion – ½ Kg
Potato – ½ Kg
Celery - 200 Gram
Green chilli – 200 Gram
Capsicum - 400 Gram
Coriander Leaves -100 Gram
Chilli Sauce - 60 ml
Soya Sauce -100 ml
Oil - 300 Gram
Salt - As Required

Sieve flour and add salt to it. Add water and knead it properly to make soft dough. Roll it into chappathi the size depends on the maker, but a medium shape one would be good. Heat the tawa and roast both sides of chappathi  without using oil . Heat oil in a pan and saute the onion, potato, green chilli and capsicum. To this add chicken pieces, salt and water. Close the pan with a lid and boil it for some time.
To this add celery, chilli sauce and soya sauce and boil it till the water dries out. To make the rolls place 2-3 Table Spoon of filling in the center of each chappathi.Fold in the sides and form a tight roll ,sealing the edge with flour and water paste and  fry it in hot oil.