Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Gram flour - 1 cupSugar – 2 cups

Milk – 100 ml

Cardamom – 3

Cashew nut – 5

Raisins – 10

Yellow color

Oil for frying

Butter – 1 Tea Spoon

Heat a pan to which add 2 cups of sugar and a little water and heat it till the sugar gets wet completely. Once the sugar melts completely, add the milk. Skim the dirt off the syrup(if any). When the syrup starts thickening (It should be sticky) the syrup is ready. Remove from heat. Add a pinch of yellow color for the laddu.

Take a Tea Spoon of butter in a small pan and add broken cashew nuts and raisinsand fry

till cashew becomes golden brown in color. Keep it aside.

Take gram flour in a bowl and add water and mix it well till you get a free flowing batter.

Now heat oil in a pan. When oil is (hot) ready pour a cup or required amount of batter in it.

Do not pour so much of batter because it needs space to get fried properly in oil. But it

should not be deeply fried. Strain the excess oil using a paper towel and put it immediately

in the sugar syrup.It absorbs syrup only when it is hot. Repeat the same procedure with the


There should be no excess syrup in the mixture so that you will be able to makeballs in good

shape. Finally add the powdered cardamom and fried cashews and raisins and mix well.

It will be a semi hard mixture. Take a little amount of mixture and make balls out of it.